New Camera

Canon 7D Mark III picked up a refurbished Canon 7D Mark II today from the Canon store to replace my Rebel T3.  I wanted something that could handle a higher burst rate while taking photos at drag races.  The T3 was only capable of 3fps whereas the 7DII can do 10.  Earlier this year, I was thinking about buying a Canon 6D because I thought I needed to eventually move to a full frame sensor camera.  The 6D tops out at 4.5fps which isn't much faster than the T3.  While both cameras have built-in GPS, I didn't need the WiFi that the 6D comes with.  I also liked that the 7DII has a built-in flash, even though pop-up flash tends to make images look bad.  I liked that if I needed a flash and didn't have a speedlight with me, I had the built-in flash as a backup.  Another plus for the 7DII is that it has 63 AF points where the 6D only has 11.  My T3 had 9 so 11 didn't seem like much of an improvement.

My First DSLR

After playing around in iPhoto for the last couple weeks, and being on the fence for a few years about buying one, I decided to purchase a base level DSLR. Since I had a Canon SLR film camera (AE-1 Program) growing up, I decided to go with a Canon DSLR. I went to Canon's website and purchased a refurbished EOS Rebel T3 kit (with 18-55mm lens) as well as a refurbished Canon 75-300mm lens for less than what a brand new EOS Rebel T3 kits would cost ($429). Unfortunately, I ordered it too late to bring it with me on a vacation we were taking to Arizona so I brought my point-and-shoot Canon A590IS to take photos. Once I get a decent camera bag and get used to taking photos with the T3, I'll start taking that on trips instead of the A590IS.