With the embargo lifted, and US flights beginning to head there (United starts flying there from Newark next year), I've been heavily considering going to Cuba for my birthday next year while it still looks like it's stuck in the 50s.My only concern is lodging. Only one major US hotel chain has opened up down there and they want $300+ per night (obviously taking advantage of the boom). I could do AirBnB for 1/10th that amount but I've never done AirBnB before.

My First DSLR

After playing around in iPhoto for the last couple weeks, and being on the fence for a few years about buying one, I decided to purchase a base level DSLR. Since I had a Canon SLR film camera (AE-1 Program) growing up, I decided to go with a Canon DSLR. I went to Canon's website and purchased a refurbished EOS Rebel T3 kit (with 18-55mm lens) as well as a refurbished Canon 75-300mm lens for less than what a brand new EOS Rebel T3 kits would cost ($429). Unfortunately, I ordered it too late to bring it with me on a vacation we were taking to Arizona so I brought my point-and-shoot Canon A590IS to take photos. Once I get a decent camera bag and get used to taking photos with the T3, I'll start taking that on trips instead of the A590IS.